(5). Other information required in notice. M1E2B5

For special meetings, same as for regular meetings. See Devich v. Borough of Braddock, 602 A.2d 399 (Pa. Commw. Ct. 1992) (stating that notice that a special meeting was to be held was sufficient; Borough was not required to specify that a hearing was to follow regarding whether to declare the seats of two council members vacant).

2. Expedited appeals

If an expedited or emergency appeal is sought, the media can force the lower court to enter an appealable order in writing, as required to start an appeal. Pa. R. App. P. 301(e). There are no other specific provisions of Pennsylvania's appellate rules governing expedited appeals, but, in the interest of expediting a decision, and to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of a matter, an appellate court may shorten the time periods provided in the rules or otherwise modify application of the appellate rules in a particular case. Pa. R. App. P. 105.

A. Is there a right to participate in public meetings? M5A

 There should be a “reasonable opportunity” for all those who have standing “to comment on matters of concern, official action or deliberation which are or may be before the board or council prior to taking official action.” 65 Pa. Cons. Stat. §  710.1(a). The board or council has “the option to accept all public comment at the beginning of the meeting.” If the board or council determines that there is “not sufficient time” for all such comment, it “may defer the comment period to the next regular meeting or to a special meeting occurring in advance of the next regular meeting.”

(2). Are minutes a public record? M1E3C2

Only minutes of open meetings are public records.

a. Reporter

The Pennsylvania Shield Law and First Amendment reporter's privilege apply to reporters. Davis v. Glanton, 705 A.2d 879 (Pa. Super. 1997). There are no Pennsylvania cases that actually define the term "reporter" for the purposes of the privileges.