1. Does the law provide expedited procedure for reviewing request to attend upcoming meetings? M4A1

There is no provision in the statute for expedited consideration of a Sunshine Act suit. Such considerations can be obtained by request, or by seeking a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction.

C. Federal constitutional provision

Pennsylvania trial and intermediate appellate courts have uniformly applied a First Amendment re-porter’s privilege. See Davis v. Glanton, 705 A.2d 879 (Pa. Super. 1997); McMenamin v. Tartaglione, 590 A.2d 802, 811 (Pa. Commw.), aff’d without op., 590 A.2d 753 (Pa. 1991); Commonwealth v. Farley, 27 Med. L. Rptr. 1544 (C.P. Jefferson January 12, 1999).

e. Social media and online discussion boards. M1D3E

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1. Who receives a request?

The Act states that “written request[s] must be addressed to the open-records officer” that agencies are required to designate under the Act. If such a request is directed to some other agency employee, such employee “shall be directed to forward requests for records to the [agency’s] open records officer.” Section 703.

The Act sets forth how “open-records officers” are established and their responsibilities.

3. Private matter on government e-mail or government hardware

Private matter emails on government accounts or hardware are presumptively accessible.

b. Notice requirements. M1E2B

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