H. Post-trial records



6. Material is not cumulative

Although no Pennsylvania court has specifically addressed whether a reporter's material is cumulative evidence, if the material is cumulative, it necessarily is not crucial and likely is available from alternative sources. Accordingly, the party seeking disclosure would not be able to meet its burden in overcoming the First Amendment privilege.

5. Zoning records.

Zoning records are presumptively accessible.

b. Mandatory or discretionary?

The Act gives agencies “discretion” to make any “otherwise exempt” record accessible for inspection and copying, but only if (1) “disclosure is not prohibited” by a “Federal or State law or regulation,” or a “Judicial order or decree,” (2) the “record is not protected by a privilege,” and (3) “[t]he agency head determines that the public interest favoring access outweighs any individual, agency or public interest that may favor restriction of access.” Section 506(c).

D. What constitutes a meeting subject to the law. M1D

(This section is blank. See the subpoints below.)

1. Civil contempt

Civil contempt has "two sub-species: compensatory or coercive." Bowden, 838 A.2d at 761.

a. Arrangements to inspect & copy.

Round the clock access is not required: “Public records, legislative records or financial records shall be available for access during the regular business hours of an agency.” Section 701(a).