West Virginia

D. Fee provisions or practices.

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F. Arbitration


West Virginia

2. Stays pending appeal

A motion for a stay of the proceedings during an appeal must first be made to the circuit court where the judgment or order desired to be appealed from was entered. If the circuit court refuses to grant a stay, the moving party may, upon written notice to the opposite party, apply to the Supreme Court for a stay.

(4). Public agenda items required.

There is no requirement for particular public agenda items to be included in the presiding officer's request to go into executive session. However, since the request must specify the justification for a closed session, it necessarily must give some description of the items to be discussed.

M. Patients; discussions on individual patients.

The Open Meetings Act permits closed sessions to discuss the "physical or mental health of any person, unless such person requests an open meeting." (W. Va. Code § 6-9A-4(b)(5)). Moreover, a number of specific statutes, discussed in the Freedom of Information Act section of this outline, provide for confidentiality for mental health, hospital and nursing home records concerning individual patients.

c. Delays.

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1. Character of exemptions.

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