Lucy Dalglish

Executive Director
Lucy Dalglish

Prior to assuming the position of Executive Director in January 2000, Dalglish was a media lawyer for almost five years in the trial department of the Minneapolis law firm of Dorsey & Whitney LLP. From 1980-93, Dalglish was a reporter and editor at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

She was awarded the Wells Memorial Key, the highest honor bestowed by the Society of Professional Journalists, in 1995 for her work as Chairman of SPJ's national Freedom of Information Committee from 1992-95 and for her service as a national board member from 1988-91. She also was named to the inaugural class of the National Freedom of Information Act Hall of Fame in 1996.

Dalglish earned a juris doctor degree from Vanderbilt University Law School in 1995; a master of studies in law degree from Yale Law School in 1988; and a bachelor of arts in journalism from the University of North Dakota in 1980.

Read Lucy Dalglish's Editorials from The News Media & The Law

Below are recent editorials by Dalglish from the Reporter's Committee's quarterly magazine, The News Media & The Law. Back issues dating to 2000 are available in the online archive.


Fall: A Scary Halloween
"In these days of dwindling legal budgets in traditional newsrooms and non-existent legal budgets for all other journalists, it’s important that we teach reporters to be knowledgeable about their rights and confident enough to engage in self-help to defend them."

Summer: Lessons from Wye River
"Whereas previously some agency representatives had grudgingly acknowledged that the public had been served by some reporting of classified information furnished secretly by government employees, the Obama administration folks were having none of it. The administration’s continued prosecution of government employees who some transparency activists consider to be bona fide whistleblowers makes this clear."

Spring: Transparency in the Statehouses
"I should have known that the pro-transparency campaign promises spewed from the lips of political candidates during the 2010 election season were too good to be true. In fact, I probably should have my head examined because I naively believed many of those promises."

Winter: Covering the Border Wars
"[E]very time a Mexican journalist writes a story about Mexican drug cartels, they risk assassination. Some Mexican journalists are seeking asylum in the U.S., while American journalists have dramatically cut back on how often they cross the border to report stories. As a result, citizens on both sides of the border are deprived of information about how dangerous the situation really is."


Fall: The Future of News
"Reporters working in traditional newsrooms were long accustomed to having attorneys on call — via in-house counsel or special relationships with a local media lawyer. Now that many of these journalists are on their own, they need a free alternative. That’s usually the Reporters Committee. We’re ready and willing to help out."

Summer: Shield Law Should Not Be Blocked Over WikiLeaks
"We’ve always been excited about what technology can do for a new generation of journalists.  But it’s also important to make sure that journalists are given the right to protect confidential sources. It leads to better journalism."

Spring: Changing Times, Changing Committee
"In 1970, the Reporters Committee mostly helped newspaper, broadcast and magazine reporters who earned their livelihoods practicing journalism. These days, we help professional reporters in newsrooms as well as independent, unpaid reporters who work from laptops in coffee shops."

Winter: Barely Transparent
"I’ve lost count of the times in 2009 that I attended meetings with open government coalitions, White House officials and the new federal FOIA 'ombudsman' at the Office of Government Information Services at the National Archives. After the first few conversations it became clear that the Obama administration views 'transparency' as nothing more than a technology challenge."


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