K. On-line dissemination.

The State of Alabama has a website at http://www.alabama.gov. The State Agencies portion of the site (http://info.alabama.gov/) has links to websites for over 200 State departments and agencies.  The content of these sites varies a great deal, from public relations and descriptive information about the particular agency or department to more substantive information, e.g., maps, statistics, and resource material and citations. There is no fee for these sites.

Public records that are available on-line with a fee charge include the following:

1. ALALINC: Current appellate decisions of the Alabama Supreme Court, Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, and Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, United States Circuit Court for the Eleventh Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court are available. There is an annual user that varies depending on the package selected. ALALINC also provides information about Alabama’s judicial system, directories of judicial officials, and related educational material.

2. alacourt.com: Case action summaries for pending civil and criminal actions in all Alabama trial courts, with search capability. The cost is a one-time fee of $150, and a monthly fee of $84 to $134, depending on the number of users. Access is available for free to Alabama State Bar members at a limited number of county courthouse libraries.