C. Bank records.

Records of the State Banking Department of Alabama, the Banking Board of Alabama, the Bureau of Savings and Loan, and the Bureau of Credit Unions are public writings within the meaning of the Alabama Public Records Law unless an express statutory provision makes particular bank records confidential. The following statutes provide for confidentiality of particular bank records:

1. Ala. Code § 5-3A-11 (1996): All reports of an examination of a bank by the State Superintendent of Banks, all records reflecting the action of any bank taken pursuant to such an examination, and those portions of minutes of meetings of the Banking Board that relate to a specific bank or banks.

2. Ala. Code §§ 5-3A-3 (Supp. 2010), 5-5A-43 (1996): A bank customer's financial records.

3. Ala. Code § 5-2A-80 (1996): Records, reports and other data submitted by a licensee to the Supervisor of the Bureau of Loans, and the reporting of all investigations made under the Small Loan Act.

4. Ala. Code § 5-3A-3(a) (Supp. 2010): The condition or affairs of any bank ascertained by examination of such bank and any report or information regarding depositors or debtors of such bank, except as authorized or required by law.

5. Ala. Code § 5-5A-44 (Supp. 2010): Records regarding applications for acquisition of banks by a majority of voting shares.

6. Ala. Code § 5-13B-105(a) (1996): Records regarding examination and investigation of foreign banks, unless the Superintendent of Banks deems that publication will serve the public advantage.

7. Ala. Code § 5-16-36(b) (1996): Confidential comments by an examiner or auditor in reports to the State Savings and Loan Commissioner regarding savings and loan associations.