A. Autopsy reports.

Autopsy reports prepared by the State Medical Examiner are not considered medical records; however, these records are confidential under Ark. Code Ann. § 12-12-312(a) so long as they remain in the possession of the state crime lab. Once they leave the custody of the crime lab, however, the reports are subject to the FOIA unless another exemption, such as the act’s law enforcement exemption, Ark. Code Ann. § 25-19-105(b)(6), is applicable. See Ark. Op. Att’y Gen. Nos. 2001-100, 99-110, 97-294, 87-353. If the autopsy report is prepared by someone other than the State Medical Examiner, the crime lab confidentiality statute would not apply. Ark. Op. Att’y Gen. Nos. 97-294 (autopsy report that was never in possession of crime lab is subject to disclosure), 87-135 (autopsy report of coroner qualified to conduct post mortem tests is available under FOIA unless otherwise exempted).