The News Media and The Law, Fall 1999

Fall 1999
Vol. 23, No. 4

Fraud award thrown out in Food Lion case



Putting Food Lion in perspective



Food Lion fraud award against ABC thrown out


Wiretap law beats First Amendment challenge


$10 million libel judgment overturned


Reporter had no doubt about the truth of drug story


Governor signs 'video voyeurism' measure into law


ABC not liable in taping of 'telepsychics'


Lawsuit documents privileged even if known to be false

Freedom of Information


High court to decide three records access cases


Reclamation bureau must release writings in dam dispute


New law requires review of declassification decisions


Agencies allowed to establish own policies for the deletion of electronic records


'Attorney work product' not exempt


Newsroom search request must be processed


'Comp time' records for state employees must be disclosed


Federal law does not require release of drug testing data


Information only public if 'used' in decision-making process


Congressional restriction on medical marijuana vote unconstitutional

Reporter's Privilege


Sources disclosed by reporter, spouse loses job


Court reaffirms qualified reporter's privilege for nonconfidential information

Content Regulation


Public radio station can exclude candidates from debate


'Personal attack,' 'political editorial' rules challenge goes back to FCC


Freelancers win battle over electronic republication rights of their works


State election laws on political ad reporting apply across state lines

Secret Courts


Starr's office did not breach grand jury secrecy rules


University official allowed to confiscate student yearbook


Speech claim over gag order against police chief reinstated


Prosecutor's rejection of request for Tripp records upheld


Closed courtroom prompts new trial


Access to records cannot be denied over general 'embarrassment'


Courts issue temporary prior restraints against publishers



More states move to limit access to prisoners


Journalists jailed in Malaysia, detained by Indonesian soldiers



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