The News Media and The Law, Fall 2014

Fall 2014
Vol. 38, No. 4

Reporters and digital security

Should encrypted communications be the standard in newsrooms?


The encryption decision


Encryption: Is it enough, or too much?

And is the Snowden situation the exception, or the new rule?

Beyond PGP

The institutional news media's approach to digital security


The tools of data security

Standard Practices

Examining Internet, cloud storage and social networking providers


Open & Shut

A collection of notable quotations. Special edition: National security and data collection


Ferguson and the right to photograph police

The summer protests shined a spotlight on coverage issues, and warned of things to come


First step in unsealing court records: try asking

Sometimes a simple letter from a reporter will prompt a court to disclose sealed documents


Agencies want to know: Are you still interested?

Federal agencies want to clear their FOIA backlogs by forcing requesters to restate their interest


Asked & Answered