The News Media and The Law, Fall 2015

Fall 2015
Vol. 39, No. 4

Privacy vs. News

How do courts decide?


Courts wrestle with defining newsworthiness in privacy cases


When does the public get public records?

Halfway through the federal government's pilot release to one, release to all FOIA program, where do things stand?

Challenging classification: a third option

Requesters turn to oversight office to gain release of improperly classified records


White Paper: Anonymous Civil Litigants

A Problem of Court Access

Identifying the jury

Journalists sometimes must fight for the right to learn jurors' names

Camera access, anti-SLAPP laws introduced in Congress

Federal bills proposed to allow cameras in Supreme Court, expand right to oppose frivolous suits


The delayed flight of the news drones

The FAA missed its deadline to integrate drones, creating a setback for the U.S. in the global drone movement

Turning on body-worn cameras

Police discover the obvious: bodycams only work when they're turned on


A dancing baby redefines DMCA orders

An appellate court's decision to require fair use considerations before ordering copyright takedowns may help and hurt journalists