The News Media and The Law, Spring 2015

Spring 2015
Vol. 39, No. 2

The clash of ethics and law

How the Rolling Stone report can help and hurt journalists


The clash of ethics and law

The Rolling Stone report, and how professional journalism standards get mixed up in libel cases

Anti-SLAPP statutes face setbacks

Congress may again consider an anti-SLAPP bill, but Washington state loses its law


Tweeting from courts still slow in catching on

How courts across the country approach real-time reporting

White paper: Access to divorce court proceedings

Intruding into some cases may appear unseemly, but openness is essential for accountability


Anatomy of a Brief: Merrill v. Holder et al.

A detailed look at a recent Reporters Committee amicus brief


Those who paid the price

Jailed journalists gather to tell their stories, advocate for reporter's shield law

The dangers of doxxing

What journalists can do to avoid attacks using their personal information


Cybersecurity legislation raises concerns for journalists

Bodycams: seeing, but not being seen

Reporters face challenges in obtaining police body camera videos