The News Media and The Law, Spring 2016

Spring 2016
Vol. 40, No. 2

Making the call

Tweeting football star's medical info Pits privacy against publication


The finger and the football star

Football player challenges ESPN, reporter in medical privacy claim


Litigation frustration

Editors tell Knight Foundation of challenges to pursuing First Amendment cases

Anatomy of a Brief: Mendez v. City of Gardena

Courtroom camera pilot program grounded

Federal courts' ban on video images will continue


Impersonating the news media

Reporters Committee, AP use FOIA to get info on FBI guidelines on when it's okay, and when it isn't

Champions of First Amendment honored

Reporters Committee dinner fetes four with Freedom of the Press Awards

Convention coverage

Reporters Committee hotlines to help journalists covering political conventions


Police policies a mixed bag

D.C. police release some bodycam videos as national debate over access continues