The News Media and The Law, Summer 2012

Summer 2012
Vol. 36, No. 3

Conventional Wisdom

What reporters must know as they face threats of arrest at protests and political conventions


Here we go again: journalists, police gear up for the 2012 political party conventions

The lowdown on getting locked up

2012 NATO summit serves as test run for political conventions

Public figures, private records

Clearing the air clouding Romney’s transparency record

Does the sun shine in Obama’s White House?


Fox “fleeting expletives” decision does little to clear the air in regulation of indecency

High court dodges First Amendment issues on controversial policy

Stolen Valor Act struck down

False statements alone without harm cannot be barred by law

Content aggregation: spreading or stealing the news?


A subpoena that has everyone a-Twitter

A New York judge ruled that the online service provider must turn over user’s information in a case over arrests during the Occupy protests

Rating online transparency

Interview: Using content, avoiding trouble with social media


Setting the record straight: a legal challenge to the Illinois Eavesdropping Act

The ACLU can record the public interactions of police, court rules


Anti-SLAPP laws on trial

Federal courts grapple with applying state libel defense laws


Rare victories in recent FOIA cases raise questions about judicial deference


Asked and Answered

Open & Shut

A collection of notable quotations