The News Media and The Law, Winter 2002

Winter 2002
Vol. 26, No. 1



"Real" Journalists

Cover Story


Branzburg revisited?



Origin of the Reporters Committee

Cover Story


Leggett's case revives talk about shield law



State definitions of 'journalist'


Texas writer prepared to add to 168-day stint in jail



Pentagon unmuzzles media


Editorial cartoonists return to satirical ways


Pioneering New York Times journalist dies


Newspapers battle newsrack ordinances


Journalists face arrests, obstacles after terrorist attacks

Content Regulation


Trial of alleged terrorist spotlights camera issue


Helicopter news flights hit and clear turbulence


Publisher appeals DeCSS ruling


Lawmakers decry NBC's decision to air liquor ads

Freedom of Information


Ashcroft's FOI Act memo prompts concerns


Federal officials reign in public information after 9/11


'InfraGard' lets FBI disclose sensitive information to select few


States also limit access in wake of 9/11


Acting governor signs sweeping access reform law


Journalists, historians say lawsuit, congressional hearing helped dislodge Reagan papers




More state groups conduct audits on openness laws


High court takes on second federal privacy case over education records



From the hotline

Reporter's Privilege


Reporter faces $200-a-day penalty for refusing to disclose sources


Radio talk-show host refuses to identify confidential sources to special prosecutor

Secret Courts


Newspaper, magazine ignore order to stay away from Neulander jurors


Anatomy of Neulander judge's gag on media


Federal, state courts consider online access


Supreme Court reviews online porn again



Internet users win protection in libel suits


Appellate judges send wiretapping case back to trial court



Open & Shut