The News Media and The Law, Winter 2012

Winter 2012
Vol. 36, No. 1

Stolen Valor

Can a law against lying about military honors be reconciled with the need for “breathing space” for false speech?


A showdown in Grant Park?


Stolen Valor

Are lies protected under the First Amendment?

Libelous truth?

Fifteen years later, a libel suit finally ends.


Copyright police

Why Righthaven fell apart

The basics of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act


D.C. appeals court: Judge should have released juror questionnaires in Chandra Levy trial

Right of access extends to surveys used to ‘facilitate’ voir dire


Shut out at Penn State

Why the “hybrid university” was exempt from releasing records

Newsflash! Citizens United has been good for campaign finance transparency

Greater disclosures still needed however


Silencing stories

Special administrative measures handcuff First Amendment


The fine line between journalism and advocacy

Are reporters who work on innocence projects still journalists?


Asked and Answered

The Reporters Committee attorneys discuss questions about recent issues in media law.

"Open and Shut"

A collection of notable quotations