The News Media and The Law, Winter 2014

Winter 2014
Vol. 38, No. 1

Spills and Chills

The government drops the ball as reporters scramble to cover a chemical spill in W.Va.


Guidelines help, but we need a shield law


Spills and chills

Journalists struggle to get complete, accurate information on the West Virginia chemical spill


Taking your shield with you

What the Jana Winter decision means for journalists reporting across state lines


The NSA's shadow

Despite court rulings and reforms, surveillance-induced chill remains


At Guantanamo, showing up counts

Having boots on the ground lets Carol Rosenberg cover the military facility like few others

More Reporters Committee coverage of Guantanamo

Ninth Circuit begins live video streaming en banc proceedings


Bloggers and the 'institutional press'

Online writers have the same defamation protections on matters of public concern

Do we have a right to online anonymity?

It depends on which judge you ask

Libel immunity up in the air?

The U.S. Supreme Court reiterates that the New York Times "actual malice" standard requires materially false statements


Filling in the background

Public bodies move to requiring background checks for press credentials when safety is an issue


Asked and Answered

The Reporters Committee attorneys discuss questions about recent issues in media law.

"Open & Shut"

A collection of notable quotations