The News Media and The Law, Winter 2016

Winter 2016
Vol. 40, No. 1

The Justice and The First Amendment

Justice Scalia's role in press freedom cases


When five became four

Justice Scalia's contribution to the law of free speech

Six degrees of Antonin Scalia

Reporters Committee letter prompts apology from Justice


Stopping an end-run around the reporter's privilege

Closing loopholes for subpoenaing third-party communications helps journalists keep information confidential


Private email, government business

FOIA community waits for word from D.C. Circuit on whether officials' email in nongovernment accounts is public

FixFOIAby50 gains momentum

Congress moves to reform FOIA by its anniversary

Florida forecast cloudy, but now with a chance of sunshine

Attempt to nix attorney fees for successful FOIA litigants in question


Near at 85: A look back at the landmark decision

Prior restraint ruling continues to resonate

Quashing a prior restraint

Appeals court stops judge's attempt to stop publication of jailhouse recordings