Ex-reporter can guard her sources in Georgia case

Kathleen Cullinan | Reporter's Privilege | Quicklink | May 6, 2009
May 6, 2009

A federal judge decided last week that Georgia's shield law protects a former Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter from having to reveal her sources, as requested by a journalism professor in his invasion of privacy lawsuit.

Ex-reporter subpoenaed in lawsuit against university

Dana Liebelson | Reporter's Privilege | Quicklink | February 6, 2009
February 6, 2009

A former reporter in Georgia was told last week she must reveal her sources as part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by a professor against his former employers at Grady College.

Police department to release daily records after access dispute

Dana Liebelson | Freedom of Information | Quicklink | February 4, 2009
February 4, 2009

Police in Savannah, Ga. reached an agreement with a local newspaper on Monday in a dispute over records the news media wanted routinely released to the public. 

The Savannah-Chatham department has agreed to start releasing a blanket daily list of all police reports, which will in turn be available online during weekdays and by hard copy when requested, according to Savannah Morning News.

Army Sends AP Doctored Portraits of Two Slain Soldiers

Cristina Abello | Newsgathering | Quicklink | September 23, 2008
September 23, 2008

The Associated Press on Thursday retracted photos it obtained from the government and ran of two soldiers after learning the military had digitally altered the portraits.

Old criminal cases stay 'pending' until officially closed

Kathleen Cullinan | Newsgathering | Quicklink | July 2, 2008
July 2, 2008

Sixteen years after the rape and murder of a University of Georgia student, with no suspects and no fresh leads in the case, the police files can still be considered part of a pending investigation and so withheld from the public, the state Supreme Court has ruled.

News groups want psychiatrist affidavit in courtroom shooting case

Miranda Fleschert | Secret Courts | Quicklink | June 20, 2008
June 20, 2008

Three news organizations in Atlanta are challenging a motion to seal a psychiatrist's affidavit in the capital murder case of courtroom shooter Brian Nichols.

New law would limit release of underage sex tapes in court

Alanna Malone | Freedom of Information | Quicklink | April 4, 2008
April 4, 2008

On Wednesday, the Georgia state Senate unanimously passed SB 481,  a bill that seeks to restrict the viewing of sex tapes involving minors that have been used for evidence in a courtroom.

The bill came after a public outcry last year when District Attorney David McDade released copies of a videotape that featured sexually explicit material involving two underage girls, claiming he was required to do so under the open records law.

Doubt about decision to seal Ga. House speaker's divorce papers

Alanna Malone | Freedom of Information | Quicklink | February 21, 2008
February 21, 2008

Ethics activist George Anderson has filed a motion to open Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson's divorce files to the public. Anderson argues that the divorce proceedings are routinely open and that the sealing of Richardson’s divorce records is unjustified.

Appeals court affirms summary judgment for newspaper

Libel | Feature | January 10, 2008
January 10, 2008

Jan. 10, 2008  ·   A Georgia state court of appeals affirmed a summary judgment finding in favor of the Savannah Morning News on a libel claim lodged by a former public official.

William Torrance, a former city manager in Vidalia, Ga., first sued the paper after it ran a series of articles examining the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's probe into the death of a peeping Tom who victimized Torrance's daughter.

Appellate court affirms summary judgment for newspaper

Matthew Pollack | Libel | Quicklink | January 10, 2008
January 10, 2008

The Media Law Prof Blog reports that a Georgia state appellate court upheld a summary judgment holding in a libel suit against the Savannah Morning News