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6. Subsequent remedies.

Unavailable. Appeals, as stated above, are directly to the Attorney General. Alternatively, the initial denial by the agency is deemed an exhaustion of administrative remedies, and the person seeking access may directly file a civil action for injunctive or declaratory relief in the Superior Court in the county where the record is maintained. R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-8(b).

F. Contracts, proposals and bids.

No specific exemption. Partially within the scope of Exemption (N), which includes "real estate appraisals, engineering or feasibility estimates and evaluations made for or by an agency relative to the acquisition of property or prospective public supply and construction contracts, until such time as all of the property has been acquired or all proceedings or transactions have been terminated or abandoned”. See R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-2(4)(i)(N). For documents of this type which are deemed public, the restriction in R.I. Gen.


(This section is blank. See the subpoints below.)

A. Delinquency


Rhode Island

F. Recording/broadcast of meetings.

The OML does not prohibit sound and photographic recordings.  However, use of electronic communication shall not be used to circumvent the spirit or requirements of the OML.  R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-46-5(b).

A. Newspaper articles

Pursuant to Rhode Island Rules of Evidence, Rule 902(6), printed materials purporting to be newspapers or periodicals are self-authenticating.

10. Fines.

The court shall impose a civil fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) against a public body or official found to have committed a knowing and willful violation of APRA. R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-9.

In Direct Action for Rights and Equality v. Gannon, 819 A.2d 651 (R.I. 2003), the Court held that statutory amendments allowing trial court to waive costs of retrieval and to award reasonable attorneys' fees in an APRA violation applies only to the imposition of a fine.

1. Accident reports.

Police accident reports, including the standard accident report form, police department narrative reports, and witness statements, and are public records but portions may be withheld under Exemption (D).  Opinion of Attorney General PR-04-05 (Mar. 19, 2004), 2004 WL 5328452. The accident reports that drivers are required to file with the R.I. Division of Motor Vehicles pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-26-6 are confidential. R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-26-13.