Rhode Island

IV. Who is covered

The Rhode Island Shield Law, or the Newsman's Privilege Act, broadly applies to confidential information "received or obtained [by an individual] in his or her capacity as a reporter, editor, commentator, journalist, writer, correspondent, news photographer, or other person directly engaged in the gathering or presentation of news for any accredited newspaper, periodical, press association, newspaper syndicate, wire service, or radio or television station." R.I. Gen. Laws § 9-19.1-2.

2. Trustee records.

There is no statutory or case law addressing this issue.

B. Other statutory exclusions.

For the standards a statute must meet to override the APRA, see R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-2(S) (1999).

a. Definition.

The OML makes reference to "regularly scheduled meetings" without further definition.

B. How to Quash

Quashing a subpoena issued in civil cases is governed by Rhode Island Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 45(c)(3)(A). It provides that:

on timely motion, the court by which a subpoena was issued shall quash or modify the subpoena if it:

(i) Fails to allow reasonable time for compliance;

(ii) Requires disclosure of privileged or other protected matter and no exception or waiver applies, or

(iii) Subjects a person to undue burden.

3. Private matter message on government hardware.

There is no statutory or case law addressing this issue.

3. Pro se possibility, advisability.

Bringing an action pro se is possible but not advisable for procedural reasons.