False light

10th Circuit reverses dismissal of 'Dateline' defamation case

Bradleigh Chance | Libel | News | July 14, 2014
July 14, 2014

Last week the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals determined that while NBCUniversal reporters did not violate anyone’s Fourth Amendment rights creating the 2008 Dateline segment titled “Tricks of the Trade,” a lower court will have to review the originally dismissed defamation claims made by an insurance broker featured in the piece.

Tyrone M. Clark and his company, Brokers’ Choice of America, initially sued NBC over video clips recorded with a hidden camera by Dateline crew members during an insurance brokers’ seminar in Colorado located on BCA property.

The reporters worked with Alabama law enforcement to gain access to the event since it was only open to licensed insurance agents, which Clark and BCA claimed to be a Fourth Amendment violation of the company’s right against unreasonable searches and seizures.

N.J. editor did not act with actual malice in false light case

Chris Healy | Libel | Feature | March 5, 2012
March 5, 2012

A front-page teaser that wrongly stated that the subjects of a civil complaint by the Securities and Exchange Commission were "arrested" was not made with "actual malice" -- intentional falsity or reckless disregard for the truth -- the New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled.

The decision means that the The Nutley Sun and its parent company, the North Jersey Media Group, are not liable to the plaintiffs in the false light case filed against them.

Local weekly protected by privilege, Md. high court rules

Chris Healy | Libel | Feature | January 24, 2012
January 24, 2012

The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled this week that the Baltimore City Paper was protected by reporting privileges when it published information from the court record of a grisly, local murder trial -- information not used during the trial and potentially implicating another person not tried for the crime.

Reality show about drugs in jail may defame inmate's wife

Clara Hogan | Libel | Feature | August 4, 2011
August 4, 2011

A Nashville, Tenn., woman can pursue her defamation lawsuit stemming from a prison reality show that featured footage unknowingly taken of the woman while she visited her husband in prison, a federal judge ruled last week.

Two courts affirm plaintiffs' false light claims can proceed

Aaron Mackey | Libel | Feature | July 26, 2011
July 26, 2011

A pair of recent court decisions have reaffirmed that plaintiffs can continue to pursue false light privacy invasion lawsuits, despite much public debate and criticism surrounding the claims.

Website with "rude opinions" not liable for privacy invasion

Kristen Rasmussen | Privacy | Feature | June 10, 2011
June 10, 2011

Online photographs of a bikini-clad woman accompanied by unflattering comments did not invade her privacy, a federal judge in Arizona recently ruled.

German court claims jurisdiction in lawsuit against American author

Cristina Abello | Libel | Quicklink | March 18, 2010
March 18, 2010

One of Germany's highest appellate courts this month ruled that the country’s courts have long-arm jurisdiction over an American author and newspaper because the article was viewed on the Internet in Germany.

Wash. appeals court will review P-I defamation case

Jonathan Jones | Libel | Quicklink | July 13, 2009
July 13, 2009

The Washington state appellate court is planning to review an odd defamation case against the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in which the plaintiff does not dispute the accuracy of the report but claims it libeled him anyway, The News Tribune of Tacoma reports.

Florida court knocks out false light claims

Samantha Fredrickson | Privacy | Feature | October 23, 2008
October 23, 2008

Florida does not recognize a false light invasion of privacy claim, the state's high court held on Thursday.

In a double victory for free speech advocates, the court’s decision not to recognize the false light claim in a lawsuit against the group Jews for Jesus in effect threw out another false light suit against the Pensacola News-Journal.

Both cases were handed down by the court on the same day.

Las Vegas Realtor sues USA Today for libel over mortgage fraud story

Kathleen Cullinan | Libel | Quicklink | August 13, 2008
August 13, 2008

A Las Vegas Realtor is suing USA Today for libel, saying a June 3 article about mortgage fraud tarnished her reputation and sank her career.

"I had lots of clients," Erin Schlumpf told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "Now I can't even get a client. Nobody will list with me or sell. I can't even hang my license anywhere. I'm pretty much wiped out."