Jailed journalists

Washington Post correspondent, other journalists arrested in Iran

Danielle Keeton-Olsen | Newsgathering | News | July 25, 2014
July 25, 2014

A Tehran-based Washington Post reporter and others have been arrested in Iran on unspecified charges.

Gholam-Hossein Esmaili, director general of the Tehran Province Justice Department, confirmed Friday that a Washington Post correspondent and his wife, who is also a reporter, had been detained for questioning.

Letter re Alabama blogger Roger Shuler

November 7, 2013

The Reporters Committee wrote to a Shelby County, Ala., circuit court judge arguing that a blogger, Roger Shuler, should not be kept in jail on a contempt charge for refusing to remove articles from his web site. Shuler has been held for more than two weeks for violating a judge's order. The court has not issued a judgment on the underlying libel suit. The letter requested that the court rescind the civil contempt order entered against Mr. Shuler for violating the unconstitutional prior restraint and unseal the records in the case.

Judge delays deciding if Fox News reporter must testify

Lilly Chapa | Reporter's Privilege | News | April 9, 2013
April 9, 2013

Fox News reporter Jana Winter won't have to testify about her confidential sources regarding the notebook of alleged theater shooter James Holmes – for now.

Judge unseals records in Holmes case; hearing Wed. will determine if reporter must testify about source

Lilly Chapa | Secret Courts | News | April 5, 2013
April 5, 2013

The new judge presiding over the James Holmes trial unsealed the highly coveted search and arrest warrants in the case on Thursday, providing the media with new details about the high-profile Colorado movie theater shooting.

At least five journalists arrested during OWS protests

Lilly Chapa | Newsgathering | News | September 17, 2012
September 17, 2012

At least five journalists have been arrested in Manhattan while covering Occupy Wall Street protests marking the one-year anniversary of the movement.

New York City police said the department has arrested 146 people between Saturday and this afternoon. Those arrested include Hunter College student journalist John Bolger, economic journalist Mark Provost, illustrator Molly Crabapple and photojournalists Julia Reinhart and Charles Meacham.

Reuters cameraman remains in jail one year after arrest

Newsgathering | Quicklink | September 3, 2009
September 3, 2009

It has been one year since Reuters cameraman Ibrahim Jassam was detained by U.S. forces in Iraq, the International Press Institute pointed out today in a press release. No charges have been filed against him, and he has never been presented with evidence against him. An Iraqi court found there was no evidence to support charges in November 2008 and ordered that he be released, but even that didn't prompt the U.S. to release him. The U.S.

Fallout from St. Paul: freelancer returns home, is jailed again

Kathleen Cullinan | Newsgathering | Feature | September 26, 2008
September 26, 2008

Freelance photographer Jason Nicholas made news earlier this month as one of the unlucky journalists arrested in St. Paul during the Republican National Convention. But while the city claims it's backing off charges against the reporters, it looks like Nicholas's latest legal saga is just getting underway, as he sits in jail in New York.

All told, more than 40 journalists were detained in St. Paul, newspaper says

Kathleen Cullinan | Newsgathering | Quicklink | September 10, 2008
September 10, 2008

With the pepper spray cleared and the flash-bang grenades gone, the Minnesota Independent newspaper has put together a list of journalists who were detained or arrested around the Republican National Convention. The total: at least 42.

Up to 18 journalists cited while covering St. Paul protest arrests

Kathleen Cullinan | Newsgathering | Feature | September 5, 2008
September 5, 2008

More than a dozen journalists were cited and released in St. Paul Thursday night after they were penned in with a group of protesters arrested on a bridge.

Arrested at RNC, jailed for two days, photojournalist gives his account

Cristina Abello | Newsgathering | Feature | September 4, 2008
September 4, 2008

A New York Post freelance photographer was released from jail in St. Paul on Wednesday, two days after he was arrested covering the protests at the Republican National Convention.

Jason Nicholas, a credentialed photographer who freelances for the international photo agency Atlas Press and the Post, was arrested in St. Paul on Monday afternoon with several other photographers and journalists, including Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke and journalism students Ed Matthews and Britney McIntosh.