Colorado court refuses to close jury selection process in Holmes theater-shooting case

Danielle Keeton-Olsen | Secret Courts | News | June 13, 2014
June 13, 2014

A Colorado district court judge on Wednesday rejected the defendant’s request to close the jury selection process for the Aurora theater shooting trial.

Arapahoe County Judge Carlos Samour denied the request for complete closure to the public and the media and the prosecution’s request for partial closure of the selection process. Instead, the court opted to open the entire process, only withholding the names of prospective and seated jurors and the jury questionnaires.

Government argues FOIA would provide sufficient access to Manning court-martial documents

Emily Miller | Newsgathering | News | July 10, 2012
July 10, 2012

The federal government asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces on Monday to become the third court to deny the public access to military court documents in the court-martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning. The government’s argument: the Freedom of Information Act is the proper method to obtain the materials.

Federal court makes Wash. petition signers' names public

You-Jin Han | Freedom of Information | Feature | October 19, 2011
October 19, 2011

A federal court in Washington state lifted an order preventing the release of the identities of more than 137,000 people who signed a 2009 petition to challenge a Washington law that would extend benefits to same-sex domestic partners.

Washington makes certain petition signers' names public

Stephen Miller | Freedom of Information | Feature | October 6, 2010
October 6, 2010

Information regarding the signers of initiative petitions in Washington were made public Sept. 30 in response to a state superior court judge’s decision to lift a ban on the disclosure of 11 petitions, according to the Office of the Secretary of State.