Photographic metadata helps convict officer over arrest of journalist

Soo Rin Kim | Newsgathering | News | November 20, 2015
November 20, 2015

Photographic evidence recently helped a New York trial judge find a New York City police officer guilty of fabricating a record to justify his arrest of a freelance photographer back in 2012.

Officer Michael Ackermann arrested New York Times freelancer Robert Stolarik as he was taking pictures of a street fight in the Bronx.

Ackermann testified in court documents that officers had been giving out a number of disperse orders when Stolarik blinded Ackermann and interfered with arrests of others on the street by flashing his camera light at the officer’s face.

Newspaper files suit after reporters detained outside Defense contractor plant in Ohio

Michael Rooney | Newsgathering | News | April 7, 2014
April 7, 2014

The Toledo Blade filed a lawsuit Friday against various military officials after reporter Tyrel Linkhorn and photographer Jetta Fraser were detained March 28 outside a contractor-operated Department of Defense facility in Lima, Ohio.

According to the complaint, filed in a U.S. district court in Ohio, the journalists intended to take "file" photos for the newspaper's future use with stories related to the plant. They parked on a public road in front of the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center and took photographs of the outside of the facility, according to the complaint.

They began to leave but were stopped by military police and detained for an hour, according to the complaint. Their equipment was confiscated, and their photos were deleted.

Letter from media groups re photographers' access in the White House

November 21, 2013

The Reporters Committee and several news organizations signed on to a letter to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney protesting access limits that bar news photographers from covering official activities of the president, while the White House later releases official photos of the same events.

Baltimore photographer arrested while covering event

Latara Appleby | Newsgathering | News | November 7, 2013
November 7, 2013

A Maryland photographer working with the Baltimore City Paper is fighting an arrest after being taken to jail while covering a concert that police were closing down last week.

The police were already on scene when Noah Scialom arrived at a concert venue. Scialom said in an interview that, although he started by taking photos in the vestibule, he moved to the sidewalk and was standing with a group of 10 to 15 people when he was “blindside tackled” by a police officer. He said it is an “undisputable fact” that he was on the sidewalk, out of the way. “You can see [in the photos] that that is where I am; you can see the vestibule,” he said.

Law criminalizing photography of celebrities' children passed in California

Latara Appleby | Newsgathering | News | September 26, 2013
September 26, 2013

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Tuesday that restricts photographers' right to photograph the children of celebrities. The bill goes into effect Jan. 1.

Photographer who took photos of neighbors wins legal battle in New York Supreme Court

Amy Zhang | Privacy | News | August 7, 2013
August 7, 2013

A New York City family had no basis to sue a photographer who surreptitiously captured images of his neighbors from his own apartment window and later displayed and sold the same images at a public art exhibition, a New York trial court judge ruled Monday.

Arrested Detroit Free Press photographer awaits police reply

Amy Zhang | Newsgathering | News | July 17, 2013
July 17, 2013

The Detroit Free Press is awaiting the results of an internal Detroit Police Department investigation before deciding whether to take legal action against officers that detained a photographer and confiscated recording equipment while she was filming on public property last week.

Steven Tyler Act stalls in Hawaii legislature

Lilly Chapa | Newsgathering | News | March 21, 2013
March 21, 2013

AP Photo

Steven Tyler, left, and Mick Fleetwood, right, testify about an anti-paparazzi bill. Tyler's lawyer, Dina LaPolt, center, drafted the bill.


The Hawaii anti-paparazzi bill pushed by rocker Steven Tyler has lost momentum in the state House of Representatives after flying through the Senate earlier this month.

Photographers associations admonish Biden's office for ordering deletion of journalist's photos

Nicole Lozare | Newsgathering | News | March 15, 2013
March 15, 2013

Despite the prompt apology issued by the Vice President's press office to the University of Maryland journalism school for deleting the photographs of a journalism student covering an event with Joe Biden earlier this week, the White House News Photographers Association fired off an admonishing letter Thursday to the press office and sought a meeting to ensure that it does “not ever happen again.”

Justice issues letter supporting photojournalist arrested for taking pictures of police

Lilly Chapa | Newsgathering | News | March 7, 2013
March 7, 2013

The Department of Justice issued a rare letter supporting the constitutional rights of a photojournalist suing Montgomery County, Md., police officers who arrested him for taking their pictures while on duty.

The Justice’s Statement of Interest issued Monday urges the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland to uphold citizens’ constitutional rights to record police officers in their public capacity without being arrested or having the recordings unlawfully seized.