This section covers the state law governing libel suits. The standards governing such suits are influenced by many things, including whether the subject of a story is a public figure or public official. This also covers the defenses to libel suits, including the "fair report" privilege, the opinion defense and anti-SLAPP laws.

State-by-state guide

The following is a state-by-state guide to each jurisdiction’s anti-SLAPP law. Most of the information was compiled by Texas media attorney Laura Prather, a partner at the law firm of Sedgwick LLP, who was a driving force behind the state’s enactment of an anti-SLAPP statute this past legislative session.

This guide outlines:

  • the type of petition or free-speech activities that qualify for protection;

  • the procedural mechanisms and evidentiary standards required to obtain early dismissal of a SLAPP suit;


There is no statute or cases in Kansas addressing SLAPP suits.

North Carolina

House Bill 746, which provides a remedy for SLAPP defendants, was introduced in the North Carolina House of Representatives in April 2011. However, as of press time, it did not appear that the House had passed the bill or that it had otherwise become law.


There is no statute or cases in Wyoming addressing SLAPP suits.


Is someone threatening to sue you over what you've written, or claiming that what you printed is not true? Do you have a question about libel cases or related issues, like anti-SLAPP laws and the fair report privilege?


There is no statute or cases in Alabama addressing SLAPP suits.