IV. Who is covered

Three key terms are defined in the Statute: "reporter," "news medium," and "source." 735 ILCS 5/8-902 (2001). Because the statutory definitions are rather broad, courts have considerable leeway in deciding what actually falls within such definitions. For example, in People v. Slover, an Illinois appellate court concluded that a photojournalist was within the definition of "reporter" and a photograph fell within the statutory definition of a "source" of information. The court stated "[p]hotojournalism is not a word crafted to artificially enhance the capacity to tell a story and gather or report the news by means of an image. A photojournalist is a reporter. When a reporter obtains news or information by means of photography, the photograph is a 'source' of information within the plain meaning of section 8-901 as defined in section 8-902(c)." 323 Ill. App. 3d at 624, 753 N.E.2d at 557.