G. Are there sanctions for noncompliance?

For violations of the open meetings law, each member of a government body may be fined between $100 and $500. Iowa Code Ann. §  21.6(3)(a). A member can establish his innocence by showing he voted against a closed meeting, had good reason to believe the closure was in compliance with the law, or relied on an official opinion from a court, the state Attorney General or the body’s attorney. Iowa Code Ann. §  21.6(3)(a). The offending members may also be forced to pay attorney’s fees to a party who successfully challenges the closure. Iowa Code Ann. §  21.6(3)(b). If an official has previously violated the open meetings law and required to pay damages, that official will be removed from his position. Iowa Code Ann. §  21.6(3)(d). Action taken in a closed meeting may be voided by a court. Iowa Code Ann. §  21.6(3)(c).