F. Financial data, trade secrets or proprietary data of private corporations and individuals.

Meetings relating to scientific and technological innovations in which the owner has a proprietary interest are closed. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  610.021(15). Corporate and financial information of private corporations and individuals are closed by a variety of statutes:

Any documents acquired by the State Veterinarian that reveal the financial condition of a licensee are confidential. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  277.120.

Tax returns and Department of Revenue reports, containing information received by the Department of Revenue in connection with the administration of tax laws are made confidential by Mo.Rev.Stat. §  32.057.1, and can only be disclosed under certain circumstances enumerated in §  32.057.2.

Generally, corporate information obtained by the Secretary of State or the Supervisor of Corporation Registration is required to keep confidential information obtained during the course of examining the books and records of any corporation. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  351.665.

Information obtained from financial institutions (banks, trust companies, small loan businesses) by the Missouri Director of Finance in the course of examinations is generally deemed confidential. Confidential information includes information relating to private accounts, affairs and transactions, and financial information of assets and liabilities. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  361.080.

The books and records of Savings and Loan Associations pertaining to accounts and loans of account holders, borrowers, and stockholders are to be held confidential by the Director of the Division of Finance, examiners, and other State representatives pursuant to Mo.Rev.Stat. §  369.099.

Information obtained from savings and loan associations obtained by examiners of the Division of Finance and Examiners is generally confidential. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  409.830.

Generally, all information retained by the Missouri Commissioner of Securities is public information and must be available for examination by the public. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  409.83. However, information obtained in the course of private investigations by the Commissioner of Securities may be closed to the public. Id.

Records submitted to the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the Missouri Economic Development, Export and Infrastructure Board, or to a Regional Planning Commission relating to financial investments in a business, sales projections or other business plan information, are closed under Mo.Rev.Stat. §  620.014. Records relating to tax credits are also closed, except for the identities of the businesses receiving tax credits and the amount of tax credits awarded. Id. See Christiansen v. State Board of Accountancy, 764 S.W.2d 943, 951 (Mo.Ct.App. 1988) (held Sunshine Law does not apply to CPA's request for records of professional licensing board relating to disciplinary action against him).

Risk Based Capital (RBC) Reports are comprehensive financial plans that insurance companies are required to submit annually to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and Missouri Department of Insurance (on or before March 15). RBC Reports are confidential pursuant to Mo.Rev.Stat. §  375.1267.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources requires that any owner or operator of an underground storage tank furnish the Department with information relating to the tanks. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  319.117. Generally, records containing that information are to be made available to the public. Id. However, if a person demonstrates to the Department that public disclosure of such records would divulge commercial or financial information entitled to protection under state law, the Department will deem the records confidential. Id.

Information submitted to the Land Reclamation Commission in connection with permits for coal exploration may be withheld from the public if it constitutes trade secrets or privileged commercial or financial information. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  444.845.2.

Mo.Rev.Stat. §  198.032 provides that medical, social, personal, or financial records of any nursing home resident is confidential, only to be released upon a court order, or to certain enumerated agencies, law enforcement officials, or the person to whom the records pertain.