P. Security, national and/or state, of buildings, personnel or other.

Operational guidelines and policies developed, adopted or maintained by any public agency responsible for law enforcement, public safety, first response, or public health for use in responding to "any critical incident which is or appears to be terrorist in nature and has the potential to endanger individual public safety or health. This exception does not close information relating to contracts and expenditures made in implementing these guidelines and policies. An agency seeking to use this exception must state in writing that disclosure would impair its ability to protect health or safety of persons and must further state in writing that the public interest in nondisclosure outweighs the public interest in disclosure. This provision sunsets on December 31, 2008." Mo.Rev.Stat. §  610.021(18).

Records relating to existing or proposed security systems and structural plans or real property owned or released by a public governmental body may be a closed record, however, records related to the procurement of security systems purchased with public funds shall be open. This provision also sunsets on December 31, 2008. Mo.Rev.Stat. §  610.021(19).