Note: A list of non-Public Records Law exemptions can be found at the end of the following Statutes section.

Petition for Attorney General's or District Attorney's Review

A petition to the Attorney General or district attorney requesting him or her to order a public record to be made available for inspection or to be produced shall be in substantially the following form, or in a form containing the same information.

_______________ (date)

I (we), ________________________ (name(s)), the undersigned, request the Attorney General (or District Attorney of ______________ County) to order _____________________ (name of public body) and its employees to (make available for inspection) (produce a copy or copies of) the following records:

l. _________________________________________________________________
(Name or description of record)

2. _________________________________________________________________
(Name or description of record)

I (we) asked to inspect and/or copy these records on ________________ (date) at_________________________ (address). The request was denied by the following person(s):

1. __________________________________________________________________
(Name of public officer or employee; title or position if known)

2. __________________________________________________________________
(Name of public officer or employee; title or position, if known)


Note: This form should be delivered or mailed to the Attorney General's office, in Salem (1162 Court St. NE, Salem, OR 97310); or to the district attorney's office in the county courthouse, as appropriate.