Iowa recognizes the torts of intrusion, private facts and false light. The state has not considered a misappropriation case.

Intrusion: Filming a person eating in a restaurant may be intrusive if the person objects to being filmed and is dining in a private or secluded section of the restaurant. Stessman v. American Black Hawk Broadcasting Co., 416 N.W.2d 685 (Iowa 1987).

The publication of a photograph of the mutilated and decomposing body of a young boy who had been missing for a month was not intrusive because it accompanied a news story that was of legitimate public interest. Bremmer v. Journal-Tribune Publishing Co., 76 N.W.2d 762 (Iowa 1956).

Photographing dead cattle on a farm, as part of a report on a sheriff’s investigation into the livestock deaths, was not intrusive because of the public interest in the investigation. In addition, no trespass was involved because the sheriff gave the reporter permission to enter the property, and once the investigation had begun, the sheriff was the occupier and possessor of the farm and had the authority to grant such permission. Wood v. Fort Dodge Messenger, 13 Med. L. Rptr. 1610 (Iowa Dist. Ct. Humboldt Co. 1986).