Kansas recognizes the four privacy torts.

Intrusion: A private figure who is filmed while on private property as the subject of a television news film may withdraw his consent at any time prior to the broadcast. Belluomo v. KAKE-TV & Radio Inc., 596 P.2d 832 (Kan. Ct. App. 1979).

False Light:The image of a bail bondsman present at the booking of certain accused gamblers did not portray the bondsman in a false light because the only names broadcast with the videotape were those of the arrested men. Hartman v. Meredith Corp., 638 F.Supp. 1015 (D. Kan. 1986).

Misappropriation: A Dodge City Daily Globe article on an old-fashioned “Wanted” poster that had appeared in town and indicated the pictured man carried unconcealed weapons in public was noncommercial and newsworthy, and thus could not be the subject of a misappropriation claim. The accompanying article clarified that the man was not wanted, and that carrying unconcealed weapons was legal. Haskell v. Stauffer Communications, Inc., 990 P.2d 163 (Kan. App. 1999).