Reporters Committee Webinars

Click on the images below to access recordings of Reporters Committee webinars.


Police, Protestors and the Press” complements the popular Reporters Committee guide of the same name. This webinar gives legal tips to reporters, photographers and others covering events where it is possible they may be arrested or otherwise hindered in covering the news. It covers not only their basic rights to record and report the news, but also what they should do if detained. The webinar was made possible by a grant from the Gannett Foundation.

"Secret Courts" focuses on court secrecy issues and access to trial information and proceedings. It culls from numerous resources on the Reporters Committee website, including the Digital Journalist’s Legal Guide and the First Amendment Handbook. This webinar was funded by a grant from The Harnisch Foundation.


"Navigating Federal FOIA" explains how to file a request and why it may be denied, and then goes through the often intimidating process of filing and appealing a federal Freedom of Information Act requestutilizing the Reporters Committee’s online Federal FOIA Appeals Guide, an online resource that guides journalists through the administrative appeals process. The appeals guide was funded by a grant from the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation.