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City council coverage killed over cinnamon buns

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City council coverage killed over cinnamon buns

  • A city council budget discussion was not broadcast over Denver’s government-access cable television to avoid a public airing of the council’s eating.

Aug. 11, 2003 — The Denver City Council on Aug. 6 discussed the city’s budget crisis in a meeting that was not available over government-access television because a councilwoman asked, days in advance, that the cameras not roll because the group would be eating the cinnamon rolls she planned to bring to the meeting, the Associated Press reported.

The Council’s president Elbra Wedgeworth told AP that it was a one-time request and “not a big deal” because the meeting was still public. Nine councilmembers discussed falling sales tax revenues that have cost 50 jobs this summer and may lead to more cuts.

Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz on Aug. 2 asked the television station not to have cameras at the meeting, but she did not return AP’s phone calls.


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