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What We Do

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press provides pro bono legal representation, amicus curiae support, and other legal resources to protect First Amendment freedoms and the newsgathering rights of journalists.

The Reporters Committee serves news organizations, reporters, editors, documentary filmmakers, media lawyers, and many more who use our online resources. For updates on our work, sign up for our email list, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our work in the courts

Reporters Committee attorneys pursue pro bono litigation and other direct representations in matters that involve First Amendment, press freedom, freedom of information, or court access issues.

The Reporters Committee regularly submits amicus, or “friend of the court” briefs in state, federal, and U.S. Supreme Court cases where the news media brings an important perspective. Known for building broad coalitions of major news and transparency organizations, the Reporters Committee is a voice for the right to freely gather and disseminate information in the public interest.

Our services

In addition to these in-court efforts, Reporters Committee attorneys provide pro bono pre-publication legal services to freelance and independent journalists, including independent documentary filmmakers.

We also operate a Legal Defense Hotline that is available to working journalists and media lawyers seven days a week. For reporters covering major events such as elections, presidential inaugurals, Olympics, political party conventions and the like, we create special event hotlines.

We offer a number of fellowships and internships to build the next generation of free press reporters and media lawyers.

Our resources

Reporters Committee publishes a number of legal guides that are available free online on topics ranging from state and federal open government laws, reporters’ shield protections around the country, access to court documents and proceedings, and more.

Our attorneys and experts are available to offer comment on and analysis for stories with First Amendment and press freedom implications.