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Peterson search warrants remain sealed

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Peterson search warrants remain sealed

  • An appeals court vacated a superior court judge’s ruling to unseal eight pre-arrest warrants on July 8.

June 30, 2003 — Eight search warrants pertaining to the Scott Peterson murder case will remain sealed pending further notice, a state appeals court in Fresno ruled Friday.

The court’s decision stays a June 12 Modesto Superior Court ruling that would have allowed access to the warrants, which were issued prior to Peterson’s arrest. Peterson faces trial on two murder charges for the death of his wife, Laci, and their unborn son.

Parties in the case were given seven days to file additional arguments concerning the stay. The court will use these arguments in making its final decision, according to a report on

The order to unseal the warrants, issued by Judge Roger Beauchesne, would have taken effect July 8. Beauchesne cited a “change in circumstances” as the reason for his ruling. Because Peterson had been arrested and there appeared to be no new suspects, the potential harms to the investigation were less severe, he wrote in his decision.

Also on Friday, Superior Court Judge Al Girolami reviewed and reaffirmed the sealing of a post-arrest search warrant. The warrant and search warrant affidavit were originally sealed on June 13.

(Peterson v. Superior Court; Media counsel: Charity Kenyon, Riegels Campos & Kenyon LLP, Sacramento) EH

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