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Reporters Committee: White House must reinstate credentials for CNN’s Jim Acosta

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In response to a federal judge's Nov. 16 ruling ordering the White House to reinstate CNN reporter Jim Acosta's credentials,…

In response to a federal judge’s Nov. 16 ruling ordering the White House to reinstate CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s credentials, Reporters Committee Legal Director Katie Townsend made the following statement:

“The court’s ruling makes clear that journalists like Mr. Acosta can’t be shut out of the White House without due process. The president has sworn to uphold and defend the constitutional rights of all Americans — including freedom of the press. The White House should permanently restore Mr. Acosta’s credentials and recognize that further proceedings in this case are not necessary.”

In response to news that the White House revoked the credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, the Reporters Committee made the following statement on Nov. 7:

“The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the nation’s premier defender of the legal rights of journalists, joins the White House Correspondents’ Association in vehemently objecting to the revocation of a CNN reporter’s access credentials. Journalists have a right to ask questions and seek answers on behalf of the American people.

“This is clearly inappropriate and unprecedented punishment by the Trump administration for what it perceives as unfair coverage by the reporter, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ false description of the events leading up to it is insulting not only to the nation’s journalists, but to its people.

“The founders of our country knew there would be tension between our leaders and our journalists. In fact, they designed our system that way, knowing that a free and assertive press is the best defense against tyranny.

“We urge the White House to reconsider this overreach of power and to reinstate Jim Acosta’s credential immediately.”

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