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Reporters Committee updates Anti-SLAPP resources

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The Reporters Committee has released an updated anti-SLAPP legal guide and state-by-state comparison map.
Anti-SLAPP Map

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has released updated anti-SLAPP resources to help protect journalists from baseless SLAPP lawsuits. The new-and-improved resources include a page explaining anti-SLAPP laws, a state-by-state legal guide, and interactive maps of these laws and stories that illustrate their importance across the country.

“SLAPP” is short for “strategic lawsuits against public participation.” These lawsuits are used to intimidate and silence critics. Understanding the anti-SLAPP laws in each state can help to protect both the press and the public from these expensive and meritless lawsuits, which can arise out of speech ranging from something as simple as a bad online review to complex investigative reporting.

The new materials are user-friendly and include:

  • An updated legal guide, which includes an overview of anti-SLAPP law, a state-by-state guide and an interactive map
  • An interactive anti-SLAPP stories map, where users can click through stories illustrating how SLAPP lawsuits and anti-SLAPP laws have affected journalism

For more information about anti-SLAPP laws in each state, journalists and news outlets can contact the Reporters Committee’s Legal Defense Hotline.

The Reporters Committee regularly files friend-of-the-court briefs and its attorneys represent journalists and news organizations pro bono in court cases that involve First Amendment freedoms, the newsgathering rights of journalists and access to public information. Stay up-to-date on our work by signing up for our monthly newsletter and following us on Twitter or Instagram.

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