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Anti-SLAPP Legal Guide

This anti-SLAPP legal guide provides a general introduction to each state’s anti-SLAPP law, to the extent one exists. Read the Reporters Committee’s overview of anti-SLAPP laws. It does not replace the legal advice of an attorney in one’s own state when confronted with a specific legal problem. Journalists who have additional questions or need assistance finding a lawyer with experience litigating these types of claims can contact the Reporters Committee’s hotline.

Check out our interactive map below to learn more information about anti-SLAPP laws across the country.

Special thanks to Laura Prather, a partner at Haynes and Boone, for her assistance with the original version of this guide, and Austin Vining, a law student and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Florida, class of 2021, for his assistance in updating this guide in July 2019.