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Amended Postal Service rules allow newspaper lottery ads

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    NMU         WASHINGTON, D.C.         Newsgathering         Jan 10, 2001    

Amended Postal Service rules allow newspaper lottery ads

  • The post office’s decision to allow such ads in newspapers delivered by mail follows a 1999 U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down limits on gambling ads.

The U.S. Postal Service’s decision to amend its rules regarding lottery advertisements will allow newspapers to publish lottery ads in mailed newspapers, according to a press release from the National Newspaper Association.

On Dec. 14, the Postal Service revised its policy for “unlawful mail matter” in its Domestic Mail Manual. The rule states that “an advertisement, list of prizes, or other information on a lottery not prohibited by the state where it is conducted,” can now be distributed through the mail.

Acceptable newspaper lottery ads were previously limited to lotteries conducted by states, governmental and non-profit organizations. Advertisements for gaming conducted by American Indian tribes are authorized under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

The Postal Service reviewed its mailing regulations after a 1999 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that lifted a federal ban on broadcast advertising for casinos. In that case, the Court reversed a federal appeals court decision that held Congress had the authority to ban radio and television advertising of casino gambling.


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