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RCFP app support

Thank you for using the Reporters Committee's apps. 

On this page, you will find basic information about using the apps. As we learn of problems that users may encounter, we will make that information available here.


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RCFP FirstAid


Version 1.0 of this app was launched on July 9, 2012.

Version 1.1 was launched in late July.

Version 2.0 was launched in late October, 2013.

Some pointers:

Downloading data. The app will regularly look for new information that it can download to its database. Users should always agree to downloads, so the information in the app is always current. This is not the same thing as updating the app itself, which can only be done on your device or through the app store.

Privacy. We do not collect identifying information from users of our app. If this changes in the future, we plan on always requesting permission within the app itself before gathering any information.

Known issues:

"Application restart": On some Android devices, at startup you may receive a notice saying "An application restart is required." Clicking OK should then restart the app and it will run fine. This is an issue with how Android handles installation. It mainly seems to appear when you use an app icon that the installation procedure installed on your home page. If the app starts normally from your app screen, but displays the restart message when you use a home screen shortcut, you will need to replace the shortcut icon on your home screen.

To replace the icon, you will need to stop the application (or just turning your phone off and turning it back on), delete the icon on your home page, and recreate the icon. While there are different versions of Android, deletion is usually accomplished by pressing and holding the icon until your device buzzed or beeps, usually about three seconds, and then dragging the icon to a trash can icon that appears either at the top or bottom of the screen. To recreate the icon, find the app in your apps screen, and press and hold the icon again until it buzzes or beeps, at which point it will let you drag and drop it onto your home page.