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ATF releases sketches of person suspected of sending mail bombs to ABC president

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ATF releases sketches of person suspected of sending mail bombs to ABC president 08/09/1994 MISSISSIPPI -- The Bureau of Alcohol,…

MISSISSIPPI — The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in late July released sketches of the person it suspects of sending package bombs to the president of ABC.

In mid-May, a parcel bomb addressed to ABC President Robert Iger was sent from Mobile, Ala., to ABC headquarters in New York, but it did not explode, said James Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the ATF office in Birmingham, Ala.

Two months later, a police bomb squad in Jackson defused a package bomb addressed to Iger’s Los Angeles office. The bomb, sent from McComb, Miss., was intercepted at the Jackson sorting office of United Parcel Service when a UPS employee saw smoke coming from the package, the Associated Press reported.

The ATF released sketches of the suspect and a statement describing him. The suspect is “soft-spoken and has unique facial features,” the statement says.

“Witnesses describe him as having a protruding lower jaw and bulging eyes,” the statement says. “His light brown or dark blond hair is parted in the middle and kept in a ponytail.”

The bomber may work, or desire to work, in a media-related industry and he may have been “very vocal against the broadcast media in the past,” the statement says.

Cavanaugh said he thinks the suspect is an aspiring journalist or a “wannabe on the fringe of the industry.”

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