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Introduction of Kathleen Carroll: Saundra Torry

Now, I’d like to start the second half of our program by thanking our fabulous Reporters Committee staff: Bruce Brown, of course, whom you’ve met tonight; our Legal Defense Director Gregg Leslie; and the rest of the crew, Debra Gersh Hernandez, Lois Lloyd and Michele McMahon. And for tonight’s dinner, our tireless event planners, Inez Weinstein and Tracey Doolin.

Now, on to our special guest speaker.

She is someone who has done so much to promote a free press … from an organization that is always there when we need them.

Under her leadership, The Associated Press exports freedom of the press to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Wherever the AP goes, it fights for access and accountability, whether in state capitals in the U.S., in Washington, D.C., or in their bureaus, most recently in North Korea and Myanmar.

The AP has also been on the front lines of the battle against  government intrusion into newsgathering…having had their phone records seized by the Justice Department.

I could easily devote a thousand words to introducing Kathleen Carroll, and talking about the contributions of the AP. But I am well aware that she issued an edict last week that all a reporter needs is 300 to 500 words to get a story across.

So I’ve edited myself down to just these 11 words — “Kathleen, we appreciate all you do behind the scenes. Thank you.”

Please welcome Kathleen Carroll, executive editor and senior vice president of The Associated Press.

Photo: Jonathon Ziegler/Patrick

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