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Becerra v. Superior Court

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  1. Freedom of Information

The Reporters Committee and 35 media organizations filed an amicus brief in Becerra v. Superior Court, in support of Real Parties in Interest First Amendment Coalition and KQED Inc. The case is before the First Appellate District of the California Court of Appeal. It regards Real Parties in Interest’s California Public Records Act request seeking records released under S.B. 1421, such as incidents of firearm discharges and sustained disciplinary records of police misconduct. The trial court ordered the Attorney General to release all records maintained by the agency, and the Attorney General filed a petition for an extraordinary writ, arguing that the statute only requires the agency to release records regarding its own employees. The amicus brief argues that S.B. 1421 makes clear that all records maintained by an agency must be disclosed and, highlighting reporting relying on newly released records, that there is an immense public interest in records relating to police misconduct.

2019-09-18 RCFP Amicus Brief Becerra v. Superior Court