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Letter to FERC regarding access to electric utility information

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  1. Freedom of Information

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is considering revising how it organizes its Notices of Penalty (NOPs) in which it explains which electric utilities are violating rules designed to protect the nation’s grid against cyber and physical attacks. FERC’s proposed revisions will create more transparency with respect to the information about utility companies that members of the press and the public can obtain through FOIA. RCFP submitted a letter to FERC expressing support for these revisions. The Reporters Committee’s letter also requests that FERC proactively disclose certain information contained in the NOPs according to FOIA’s proactive disclosure provision; specifically, the Reporters Committee requests the following information be proactively disclosed: the identities of utilities that are violating the rules designed to protect the nation’s grid, the security laws violated, and the penalties levied by the government.

2019-09-26-RCFP Letter to FERC