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Government Secrecy Guidelines Just Got Little Bit Longer

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From time to time, if not quite every day, there are indications the current administration is more secrecy minded than its predecessors. The latest such indicator, reported by Secrecy News, is a Dec. 29 memo from National Security Advisor Stephen J. Hadley establishing new guidelines for allowing access to classified information. The new guidelines weigh in at 19 pages and 5,876 words, replacing a 1997 set that was 13 pages and 3,910 words. The 13 criteria are each expanded to add new actions that raise security concern. For instance, in 1997 there were “conditions that could raise a security concern” listed under Guideline K. Today, there are nine, including “deliberate or negligent” disclosure of classified data “to the media, or to persons present at seminars, meetings or conferences.” (1/19/06)