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Homeless file complaint on comments by radio personality

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Homeless file complaint on comments by radio personality11/29/94 CALIFORNIA -- Advocates for the homeless filed complaints in mid- November with…

CALIFORNIA — Advocates for the homeless filed complaints in mid- November with the Federal Communications Commission against a Los Angeles radio station whose talk show host said on air that street people should be killed, the Associated Press reported.

The Los Angeles Coalition to End Homelessness and the Los Angeles County Commission for Public Social Services filed complaints against KFI-AM for a broadcast last summer in which talk show host Emiliano Limon, 26, asked why homeless people who are unable to support themselves should not be put to sleep.

One caller agreed, saying, “Seig heil. Let’s start building the ovens, baby.” Limon responded with “Mach schnell,” which is German for “right away,” and later claimed he did not know what the words meant, according to the AP.

The groups requested an early review of the station’s license and equal time on the air.

“It’s our right” to have equal time, according to Bob Erlenbusch, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Coalition to End Homelessness. “He didn’t just say something offensive, he yelled fire in a crowded theater, so to speak. He crossed over from being ignorant about the issue to calling for extermination [of homeless people]. That’s way past the line of being insensitive, and the station has an obligation to the community to clear this up.”

According to the AP, FCC spokesman Milton Gross said the station is not required to provide equal time to those who want to express opposing viewpoints. The station apologized but said Limon has a right to say what he wants.

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