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iFOIA Tutorials

Since it launched in 2013, iFOIA has been used by journalists and others to electronically file and track state and federal Freedom of Information Act requests.

As part of that launch, the Reporters Committee conducted training seminars at leading news organizations and journalism conferences around the country. In these sessions, the basics of using iFOIA were introduced.

Now, that training is available to anyone via the Reporters Committee website.

Below you can find a 2-minute overview of iFOIA. You also can opt to watch the full 20-minute training video, or break your viewing into five smaller section-specific tutorials.

When you're ready to start, head over to to set up your account and get started!

Quick overview

Full tutorial

Or, view the tutorial in five shorter segments:

Part 1: Introduction, Creating a request

Part 2: Completing a federal request

Part 3: Creating a state request

Part 4: Creating an appeal

Part 5: Additional features

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