Updates on journalists arrested and charged with rioting during Presidential Inauguration protests

This page will be updated as these cases progress and we learn more about the charges. We will include any information on anyone who is a self-identified journalist.

Aaron Cantu

As of 12/1/17: Still facing charges; at a hearing held on June 9, he was arraigned on eight felony charges, including inciting to riot, rioting, conspiracy to riot, and five felony destruction of property charges. His trial is set for Oct. 15, 2018.

Cantu is a freelance journalist who has written for The Baffler, The Intercept, Al Jazeera America, and The Nation.

Alexander Stokes Contompasis


Goes by the name Alex Stokes. Stokes says he is an independent journalist who films, edits and hosts an Albany Public Access TV news show called News World: Albany Banana Corps. He reports that he was filming at the time of arrest and that police took his camera as evidence.

Evan Engel


Engel is a Senior Producer for Vocativ, a site that says it uses unique technology to explore the "deep web" to find its stories. The U.S. Attorney’s office announced on Jan. 27 that it was dropping charges against Engel, saying, “After consultation with the counsel for Mr. Engel, who is a journalist with Vocativ, as well as a review of evidence presented to us by law enforcement, we have concluded that we will not proceed with the charge against this individual.”

Matthew Hopard


Hopard is an independent photojournalist. He has a profile on Muck Rack where he says he documents activism.

Shay Horse


Horse describes himself on Twitter as an "Independent Photojournalist, . . . Anarchist, Lover of irreverent shenanigans, Former token injun of #OWS [Occupy Wall Street]."

Jack Keller


Keller is an associate producer for a documentary series, "Story of America."

Alexander Rubinstein


Rubinstein is a journalist for RT America. From his Twitter (@AlexR_DC) profile: NYC/DC based journalist. More gonzo than investigative. Web stuff w/ RT America. Interested in police, prisons and protests.


Alexei Wood

12/21: Acquitted on all charges after a jury trial. Felony charges of inciting a riot had been dismissed by the judge before the case went to the jury.

Wood is a photojournalist and videographer. He live-streamed the protest, right up to his arrest, on his Facebook page.