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Jason Conti

Jason Conti is the executive vice president and general counsel, chief compliance officer at Dow Jones. As general counsel, he oversees the company’s legal department, which includes a team of professionals handling labor and employment, commercial agreements, privacy, IP, M&A, litigation, compliance, media law and a variety of other specialties.

As chief compliance officer, Jason manages the development of the company’s compliance program, including screening for compliance with international sanctions programs, enforcement of various company policies—such as the Dow Jones Code of Conduct—and bolstering internal systems and controls.

Jason joined Dow Jones in 2008 as vice president and associate general counsel. In 2014, he took on the role of deputy general counsel at Dow Jones where he managed domestic and international litigation, and served as the company’s lead press attorney. 

Before joining Dow Jones, Jason worked at Hogan & Hartson LLP where he defended media companies in defamation, privacy and copyright actions.

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