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Media members in peril

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From the Fall 2000 issue of The News Media & The Law, page 14.

From the Fall 2000 issue of The News Media & The Law, page 14.

Republican National Convention, Philadelphia

Mark Egan, a reporter for Reuters, detained for more than five hours. Arrested while covering protesters en route to a demonstration.

Joshua Valocchi, a freelance writer, spent two days in jail. Arrested during a melee between protestors and police.

Stefan Zacklin, a photography intern with U.S. News and World Report, arrested while photographing police arresting protestors.

A reporter for an online news service was arrested while covering protests. He called the Reporters Committee hotline and attorneys were able to secure his release.

Democratic National Convention, Los Angeles

Brian Bland, an Associated Press reporter, was arrested during a bicycling demonstration. His bicycle and reporting equipment were confiscated.

Al Crespo, a freelance photographer, shot three times with rubber bullets while photographing police shooting rubber bullets at protestors.

Ronald DeVeaux, a freelance television cameraman, hit four times by rubber bullets while covering a demonstration with a CBS news crew.

Kevin Graf, a freelance television cameraman, shot about 10 times with rubber bullets, including twice in the head, while recording a segment for ABC news.

David Horowitz, a consumer affairs reporter, clubbed by an officer three times and lost his 35mm camera and exposed film.

Jeffrey Kleinman, a freelance television cameraman, knocked to the ground by a baton-wielding officer and hit with rubber bullets while working for NBC.

Flynn McRoberts, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, held for eight hours. Arrested during a bicycle demonstration. His rented bicycle was taken as evidence and not returned. McRoberts was released with assistance from the Reporters Committee hotline attorneys.

Rebeka Rodriguez, a freelance photographer, struck in the head, neck and shoulder by an officer with a baton. Rodriguez suffered a cracked shoulder blade.

Greg Rothschild, a freelance audio engineer, shot six times with rubber bullets while recording a segment for ABC news.

Lisa Teachey, a reporter for the Houston Chronicle was injured after a mounted police officer knocked her over a concrete barricade. Teachey was refused first aid by six police officers and was repeatedly told to leave the area.

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