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Justice Ginsburg has no quarrels with cameras in the Supreme Court

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Justice Ginsburg has no quarrels with cameras in the Supreme Court

  • Any coverage of high court proceedings would require camera control by the Court, the justice said.

Justice Ruth Ginsburg in mid-October discussed her thoughts on cameras in the Supreme Court during ceremonies marking the 125th anniversary of the Canadian Supreme Court.

Stating her own view and not the view of the Court, she said she would not object to gavel-to-gavel coverage provided the Court controls the cameras.

“Right now the view is that our proceedings should not be televised,” Ginsburg told the Ottawa Sun, adding that the court has a “wait-and-see” attitude. The Canadian Supreme Court has gavel-to-gavel television coverage.

Ginsburg offered a few opinions as to why her colleagues oppose cameras. She said one reason is the theatrics lawyers may perform in front of a camera, another is the preferred anonymity of the justices.

“Justice David Souter, for example, could go to the supermarket and never be noticed. Now that’s impossible for Justice Clarence Thomas,” she said. She added that Chief Justice William Rehnquist was also anonymous until he was featured prominently during the presidential impeachment hearings.


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